Be pretty, be powerful, be popular

Be pretty, be powerful, be popular

Bulletpoint Design – web fairy mailer campaign.


“A fun mailer idea inspired by my daughter’s magic wand, was also an attempt to get in touch with our feminine side.” Paul Kerfoot.

Bulletpoint Design: Magic web fairy mailer campaign. Two versions were printed on sparkly paper – one for lads and one for the ladies – and occasionally mailed out with a real magic wand. This unusual approach proved to be a real success in winning new business.

Words of wisdom

Sarah Lamballe – a superb and brutally honest copywriter – gave me some good advice and words of wisdom in 2006; “Paul. You know the problem with most design agencies don’t you? They are all full of lads, egos and gadgets. It’s about time you all learned to get in touch with your feminine side.”


• Click to enlarge to see the full A4 image.

The mailer reads…
Tap your PC screen three times
Transform your business to be profitable-ever-after.
If the idea of owning a genuinely worthwhile website sounds like a fairy tale to you, then Bulletpoint Design can grant you three wishes…
• Be Pretty. Create an online image that is the best in your market.
• Be Powerful. Easily edit and update your own website content.
• Be Popular. Become more effective in your marketing activities.
Transform your website or build a new one from scratch.

Corporate make over or make believe?
They say half the battle is getting noticed. Well, if you’re still reading, I guess the fairies did the trick. Standing out in an overcrowded marketplace by building successful offline and online brands is what Bulletpoint Design are well known for. Applying our own unique brand of magic, to your ‘wish list’, we can help put your
hard earned profits to good use and turn your dreams into realities…
Or would you rather talk to the fairies?

Please click here for an A4 design case study. (Adobe Acrobat PDF files).