Refreshing Bradford Interchange

New displays to refresh Bradford Interchange and promote Bradford as a primary destination for film and tourism within our region and beyond.


(Above) New boards for the main hall at Bradford Interchange. Vibrant, less cluttered imagery with clear, consistent and simple messaging.

This project, commissioned jointly by Bradford City of Film and City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council Department of Regeneration and Culture, crucially sought to readdress the poor use of Bradford’s main transport hub to reflect the many assets of the city and the surrounding district.

(Below) Previously little effective use had been made of the available space, with pillars, wall space and noticeboards either empty or poorly designed. Photography had been used within the main area but not elsewhere and what did exist lacked any coherent message or brand.



Stage 1 – Bradford International Film Summit

With this key event imminent it was apparent that our initial objective for this temporary first stage would be to brand the available spaces to promote the Film Summit utilising or recreating their existing graphics (where elements needed redrawing to work at large scale). It was important that visitors arriving for the Film Summit should feel welcome and that they had been ‘greeted’ as they passed through the Interchange.



Stage 2 – joint branding: Bradford City of Film and City of Bradford MDC

This second stage, with many of the displays intended to be permanent, required the further development of these two distinct existing brands. With compatible but separate aims and agendas the graphics, colours and imagery we selected and developed for each piece of the overall design needed to allow the two brands to sit comfortably side-by-side in promoting Bradford and the district. Everything is vibrant and clean with bold simple typography and messaging.


(Above and below) This set of four destination posters include icons used to show how far each one is from the Interchange; whether by foot, road or rail. This is designed to help the visitor understand the layout of the district in a different, but complementary, way to the City of Film posters.


(Below) While remaining distinct the posters for each brand all feature smaller photographs, either designed to look like film strips or polaroids, placed over a larger background image.






(Below) the film strip provides a nice way to highlight not only the movies filmed locally but also the many famous and beautiful tourist destinations from across the district.





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