Highlighting support for local charity

Highlighting support for local charity

Cancer Support – small steps to better days.

Locally based charity, Cancer Support, needed memorable and distinctive branding to help it to step out of the shadows of their large national rivals.


Evolution or revolution?

Visiting the client’s headquarters, just behind Bradford’s Royal Infirmary, we happened to spot an attractive daisy-chain pattern printed on coasters in the meeting room. This ‘Daisy Appeal’ was, we were told, Cancer Support’s best fund-raising campaign, hence was used in their old logo and had to be retained as part of our evolution to a new logo.

Back at the office we worked up this loosely drawn daisy idea and put this together with typography to highlight the clients emphasis on positive support for their patients and their families – this was the revolution!

Our USP? “It’s all about the support!”

For the logo this simple decision to focus on the support rather than Cancer lead us to conclude it was best to not bother colouring in the top part of the lettering. We then had a hard job convincing the client not to give into temptation and fill it in!

Sometimes good design is not about what you add but about what you leave out.


Above: positioning statement written and designed to help both the client and ourselves to understand their brand.

Bulletblog139Above: promotional banners using patient statements.

Below: sketches for further brand development.

cancersupport_sketch1 cancersupport_sketch2 cancersupport_sketch4 cancersupport_sketch3