Collaborative Desktop Publishing

Collaborative Desktop Publishing

Working together online – it’s the future

You may be familiar with the term DTP or Desktop Publishing. The software used to produce professional artwork suitable for offline and online use – printed and digital publications. Software used on a ‘Mac” (Apple Macintosh) include, QuarkXpress, Pagemaker and Illustrator.

Meanwhile clients attempting DIY use PC programmes like Microsoft Publisher and Word and will often run into problems, skills gaps, lack of knowledge and ultimately poor quality production.

So is there a middle way?

Design with remote collaboration. If ‘two heads are better than one’ at Bulletpoint Design we believe sometimes two experts are better than one! Our graphic designers are experts at what they do but you are the expert at knowing your business…

Through a unique mix of cloud based cross-platform systems a professional looking brochure or leaflet can be produced collaboratively between you and us – client and designer working together, apart. Produced at a fraction of the cost and time but still maintaining high quality throughout.

DriveScreen1 DriveScreen2

• Example screens showing workflow and file management shared on Google Drive.

Produce it – experienced designers create the look to suit your needs
Populate it – you add content where you want it, then let us tidy up after
Perfect it – together we can work to arrive at the right solution for you

We produce it, you populate it, together we perfect it

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Professional finish in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost
  • Cross-platform; Mac and PC compatible
  • Online and offline solution in one
  • Offline back-ups can be copied off any time for peace of mind
  • Paperless project management and workflow system
  • Project and Print Management Services
  • Place text and images where you want them; let the designer tidy up after
  • Screen share to make amends live remotely
  • No silly umpteen drafts and hidden amend bills; we work to a fixed budget or yearly contract
  • Experienced creative designer; creating layout templates to match your needs
  • Experienced artworker; a safe pair of hands to sort out templates and artwork
  • Extra manpower for tight deadlines and larger jobs; with freelancers available on demand
  • Second (and even a third) pair of fresh eyes available for proof-reading and more
  • Professional results driven by you; you did 50%+ of the work saving both time and money
  • Begin to use and learn professional DTP software; become DIY self-sustainable
  • Bulletpoint will beat or match any like for like hourly and day rates

"Bulletpoint designed a brochure template and proposed an innovative online solution where we both worked on the layouts at the same time. Taber now has a professionally produced brochure done at a third of the cost and with much greater convenience and flexibility during the work process." - Suzel Taber-Shaw - Taber Holidays

Taber Holidays case study

Pioneering our new Collaborative Desktop Publishing Offer Suzel of Taber Holidays was able to work alongside our designers on the page layouts, albeit remotely from the comfort of her own offices! This unique approach streamlined the drafting process and enabled her to edit text and drop photos directly into layouts to create the look she wanted – comfortable in the knowledge that experienced designers were following behind her invisibly tidying things up. Any misfitting or badly scaled images are corrected and typography tweaked to ensure text fits. And of course our designers will always be looking for ways to further improve the design and add those creative touches that a client rightly expects from a professional design agency.

Choose Bulletpoint Design to help turn your ideas into reality

Please click here to see the case study and latest brochure layouts for Taber Holidays using Bulletpoint’s new CDTP solution.

To discuss how Bulletpoint Design could help you with your latest promotion or marketing campaign please call Paul on 07785 777 829 or email for further information.