Engineered polyurethane – a bionic solution

Engineered polyurethane – a bionic solution

Kaylan™ – Kay-Dee Engineering Plastics (KD).


A unique range of high-performance polyurethane elastomers known as ‘Kaylan’ are manufactured exclusively in the UK by Bradford-based Kay-Dee Engineering Plastics Ltd.

“Thanks to Bulletpoint Design, Kaylan’s European promotion drive has seen a large increase in both profits and premises… Whatever the problem we can engineer a solution.” Stephen Ward, Managing Director. (2008).

“Before you can add value, first you have to SEE value.”

“Working with Stephen and on behalf of Business Link, one idea used to communicate the hidden secret behind Kaylan was inspired by the 70’s TV programme ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’. Through the use of illustration, promotional literature highlights the ‘bionic’ parts (all made from Kaylan) used in a variety of industries from mining, to motorsport, to aerospace…”

Improved communication via product transformation

“One acid test for effective design is to simply compare before and after.”


Below you can also download the ‘before and after’ case studies (PDF files) to compare copies of Kay-Dee’s old and new brochures. Useful notes are also provided as an ‘insight’ into one of Paul’s favourite case studies.


Kaylan provides the ideal solution to a wide range of engineering problems in a variety of industries; Motorsport, Municipal and Highway, Offshore and Marine, Mining and Construction, Metal Forming and Aerospace. Nicely visually displayed here via new graphics to appeal to an international audience.

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Passionate about engineering

“As a born creative there is nothing more rewarding than helping a family-run business to improve (and export) what they do. Kaylan, a unique industry specific plastics product, was ‘engineered’ into a customer facing brand that was successfully developed to add value and drive sales,” says Paul Kerfoot.

‘Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.’ Source: Unknown,

“Before you can add value, first you have to SEE value.”

2001: A new identity leading to increased export opportunities via online and offline promotion. Production elements and services provided included;

• Kaylan logo and product branding – industry sector product icons
• Content creation (copywriting and studio/location based photography via third parties)
• Literature production and print (inc. translations) – a cost effective ‘stock and overprint’ solution
• Event merchandising – mouse mats, pens, sweets, key rings, carrier bags and flyers
• Website design and development (html build via third party)
• ‘Bulletprinted’ pop-up banner stands (inc. translations) – Construction and Mining events in Germany and France
• Product specific illustration (e.g. shown for Motorsport and Construction and Mining)
• Trademark search and registration for ‘KAYLAN’
• Negotiation, pursuit and purchase of from an existing user
• Consultation, troubleshooting and print/project management

2009: Product icons and content update leading to new website re-design/development inc full client CMS (Content Managed System).

Kay-Dee is also photographing many of their own products (gallery CMS section) with a cost effective, mini studio set-up on site.

The full story of Kay-Dee’s image transformation and European promotion drive is featured in Paul Kerfoot’s seminar and interactive workshop; ‘Brand not bland’. Please call for details.

Passionate about engineering: To see more design case studies from this sector please see Bulletpoint’s ‘Engineering and Manufacturing’ section.

BusinessLink1• A project delivered on behalf of and part-funded by Business Link (2001).

PDF downloads – comparing ‘before and after’

Please click here to download an A4 design case study sheet. (All downloadable pages are Adobe Acrobat PDF files).

1. Before: Click here to download a copy of an old KD brochure. (Pre 2001, life before Bulletpoint).
2. After: Click here for a copy of Kaylan’s A5 ‘Mining and Construction’ event brochure; ‘High performance plastics – tough in the extreme’ (2001).
3. In addition: Click here for a copy of Kaylan’s follow on A4 brochure; ‘Definitive Engineering Solutions’ (2002). And/or click here to compare and download the updated version; ‘Engineered Polyurethane Solutions’ (2009) inc. new photography and content/product revisions.

Note: Translated PDF brochure versions in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian can be downloaded directly from the Kaylan website.

For more information: Please visit the (2009) website designed, developed and project managed by Bulletpoint Design: