An education in how to leap ahead...

An education in how to leap ahead…

Stream Associates – executive recruitment specialists.


Stream Associates: “As a one-woman band, I need to stand out from the crowd and compete with the big boys. I am also a head hunter, the top executive jobs where 90% are positions for men.” Helen Eccles (2006).

Bulletpoint Design: Logo, illustration, ‘Brilliant business card™’ and stationery.

A smart, new image, a clever little logo and a few simple bullet points of text on the reverse of a standard business card (explaining what you do) helps make all the difference in winning new business.

“We also have some fun and interactivity with this in schools as part of the world of work agenda and Bulletpoint’s DYO model…in this case, Design Your Own Business Card.


Networking tip: “You only have one opportunity to make a good, first impression.” So be bold, be brilliant and leap ahead of the competition when handing over your business card.

Brilliant business card™ – double your impact with a simple twist. (A baby flyer in disguise!) Call now for a FREE sample pack.



This ‘before and after’ design case study shows how effective design can help transform your communication and the perception of any business. (Paul has some HUGE business cards for use in workshops – business or education.)

Looking at Helen’s early business card, many people think Stream is something to do with water dispensers, swimming pools or she’s a hairdresser based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. (The same is true when I do workshops in schools with young people.) Everyone I meet in business also makes the mistake and assumption that people will remember who you are and what you do. Trust me, unless you are famous or are very memorable, they won’t with a ‘rubbish’ (normal?) business card!

One of Paul Kerfoot’s favourite logos he recalls the ‘happy accident’ when designing it. “What was supposed to be a scribble of some Salmon jumping up stream, also looked like some ties, which gave me the angle I needed to do something special and unique for Helen. It’s also very rare Bulletpoint only ever put one idea forward to a client but this was an exception.” Luckily Helen loved the idea.

‘No contract, no ties’ was also one of Helen’s USP’s. (Unique Selling Points). As a top, executive recruitment specialist, Helen was also advised to buy beautiful, silk ties for birthday or Christmas presents for her top clients. A nice touch we often overlook?


The design case study of Stream’s image transformation is featured in Paul Kerfoot’s seminar and interactive workshop; ‘Brand not bland’. This workshop has also been successfully adapted for education, bringing the world of work into schools and colleges. Please call for details.

Please click here to download a copy of Helen’s business cards. And click here to download the ideas mind map we have created when working in education, helping young people be more creative in the ‘real world of work.’