Integra Insurance - we've got it covered

Integra Insurance – we’ve got it covered

Comprehensive design ideas – insured to cover every need


Integra required a complete revolution for the redesign of their top two home insurance products – electus and nidus. This would cover their policy booklets and keyfacts leaflets and include rethinking these documents top to bottom from the customer point-of-view to improve ease-of-use.

Our preferred concept was based on the idea that pretty much every home owner (whether through choice or not!) will redecorate at some point. The fact that this nicely tied in with the client’s existing strap line, ‘we’ve got it covered’, is why this is one of our favourite recent ideas.



Pages layouts and pagination: The previous designs for the brochures had, over the years, become something of a patchwork quilt. With whole new sections, policy exclusions and conditions added in as and where they could be fitted – leading to an increasingly difficult document to use. This was an opportunity to start afresh and put the customer first.

Our main concern was to place things in a common sense order. So if you where dealing, for example, with a leaky boiler you could quickly understand what you where and what you where not covered for – without having to hunt back and forth across densely packed tables of text.

Our solution, to interweave the covered and not covered for each separate point throughout the document, not only allowed us to design  a more friendly and visually appealing layout but also made much better use of space – condensing the documents by roughly 30% but somehow still managing to look cleaner and neater!