Kickstart - keep fit marketing for healthy growth

Kickstart – keep fit marketing for healthy growth

Flacks Fitness – make it a reality.

Flacks A5 FLYER(ctp)

‘Fact: 96% of all advertising fails for one reason or another.’ Chamber of Commerce marketing workshop (2007).

This statement got my immediate attention and nearly knocked me off my chair. Mike Kingston, a sales and marketing legend, later went on to say: “Words are more important than pictures… Your headline and copy must connect with customer needs”. As a graphic designer this really got me thinking and completely changed the way I have looked at every piece of literature since.

Bulletpoint Design: Logo, brand revolution and flyers. Yellow Pages re-design and sales copy. New website (2008).

Kickstart1Bradford Kickstart Professional Services: Client satisfaction feedback – 95%

Lacks fitness or Flacks Fitness was something amusing that also crossed my mind whilst working on this project…”

Martin Flack (the client) was a fitness instructor taking over his first gym with his partner. He was also a former graphic design student, which provided an interesting challenge for Paul and his creative team at Bulletpoint Design.

Martin was thinking about calling his gym ‘Club M’ and then had a change of heart.

Please click here to download the first set of logos. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file).

This stage 1 was rejected. Martin and his partner changed the brief and had a re-think. (Sometimes it takes doing it wrong to getting it right?) Bulletpoint were then asked to do something similar to a Nike ‘swoosh’.


• Finished logo – stage 2.

Next job, advertising

It’s no wonder so many adverts ‘fail’. I was amazed at how many poor advertisements there were in the Yellow Pages (2008). I may add, looking at the current edition, that the book itself is also getting thinner year by year. The ads that do NOT communicate well nor connect with the audience IS alarming.

Surprisingly clients pay a high, yearly cost for ad space, many don’t look hard at the competition and are not willing to invest in good design either (I hope this article provides a wake-up call for some?).

Fact: If you get the right words and pictures, the extra cost of this ‘luxury’ outlay will be balanced and recouped by an increase in the amount of traffic, basically additional, new business. In this case, more phone calls, more enquiries, more members. Simples! Result? A healthy ROI (Return On Investment) to keep your business fitter than ever.

Words + Pictures = COMMUNICATION

Paul’s simple formula above – noting, good design is NOT rocket science – and might be useful for YOUR next campaign? Please, please, PLEASE employ a great copywriter – a wordsmith guru – as well as the designer, especially if they cannot do nor understand the power of words.

Thank you Mike Kingston for inspiring me to think differently and agree with you.

Once the logo was agreed, we needed to source some images. This was a little tricky whilst the building (a former cinema house) was in the middle of refurbishment, so the client sourced the pictures directly from iStockPhoto. Paul then worked with the client on creating powerful sales copy – the words for the Yellow Pages ads. Looking at the competition it seemed as though everyone had missed an obvious connection with meeting customers’ real needs. Often creating a long (boring) list driven by features/benefits only and gym equipment! Yawn. Zzz… Plus many use the dreaded, ‘we do this, we do that, we, we, weeee,’ scenario talking about what ‘WE’ can do, not about what you can do for your customers.

Rant over.

Good old Yellow Pages – or maybe not?


• Yellow Pages re-design: before and after. Yellow pages (in-house) artwork on the left, Bulletpoint’s on the right. Please click to enlarge.

Creating an emotionally compelling script

“Customers buy emotionally and justify logically.”

Think about buying a house or a car and the quote above rings so true eh?

As marketing guru Tom Peters points out: most, if not all major purchasing decisions in a relationship, the final say (to purchase) is usually always down to the woman not the man. He then goes on to say: So, WHY do so many ads target and appeal to men only? (We are ALL missing a massive sales opportunity!) Here Paul chips in: Perhaps this is another reason why so many advertising campaigns fail? Also a reason why we put pictures of ladies in on both these ads for Flack’s Fitness – where the appeal is cleverly aimed at women and men.

Back to using the right words on these ads: Imagining what people are really looking for when joining a gym – getting fit, losing weight and being happier – was one key to success on this project. Think New Year’s resolution. (The Flyers above were mail shot in January).

Result: Flacks Fitness not lacks fitness.


Another great tip, a simple case of; connecting the unconnected, is to also try and sell something called, ‘AFTERS’ – what will happen to you as a result of doing something after you have done it.

Using ‘IMAGINE’ at the beginning of your copy has got to be the best word ever to help you do this, so please feel free to use it!? Thanks to sales ‘guru’ Andy Bounds for the ‘afters’ tip, and also for highlighting the fact we need to use less ‘WE’ and more, YOU, YOUR, HELP and AFTER’s in all our sales copy from now on. Andy, I have and we will.

Of course, you must also remember to find the right supplier(s) BEFORE you start your advertising, sales promotion or marketing campaign.


• Flack’s website.

Creative marketing: Connecting the unconnected

I wonder what Tom Peters, Mike Kingston and Andy Bounds make of all this combined knowledge and words of wisdom going into a little ad for a little gym in Bradford?

And finally, just in case you missed it…

Words + Pictures = COMMUNICATION

“They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So, does a word equal a thousandth of a picture?” Please leave your comments in the box below.

Paul Kerfoot – Creative Director, Bulletpoint Design Ltd

Please click here to download a copy of both A6 flyers. Or click here for an A4 design case study. Alternatively click here to download the first set of rejected logos. (Adobe Acrobat PDF files).