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Exskan Ltd – durable polyurethane specialists.


Bulletpoint Design: Digital artwork/production and digital print (perfect for short-run, on-demand printing) for Exskan Limited. The recommended A4 digital folder and tabbed inserts – provided a cost-effective, ‘one-off’ solution – using and making the best of the client’s existing logo and low quality images supplied.

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A clean look with colour-coded sections for Exscan Limited to help professionally ‘kick start’ new business for a one-man band with no previous marketing material (2009).


Kickstart1Bradford Kickstart Professional Services: Client satisfaction feedback – 95%

Please click here to download a copy of Exskan’s marketing material and product offer (A4 folder cover(s) and tabbed, product insert sheets). Or click here for an A4 design case study. (Adobe Acrobat PDF files).