New look for Lee Jackson - Motivational Speaker (PSA)

New look for Lee Jackson – Motivational Speaker (PSA)


Lee Jackson is a motivational speaker and presentation coach who works in business and education to help people find the good stuff that helps them to be their best. Apparently people say that he is funny, engaging and insightful. He doesn’t do boring and (as a Powerpoint Surgeon) he’s also allergic to bullet points!

So what a surprise and honour for Bulletpoint Design to be given the task of redesigning Lee’s new logo and brand identity. Creative Director Paul Kerfoot (AKA The Bulletman) also works as motivational speaker and as a member of the PSA (Professional Speaking Association) knows Lee through the Yorkshire region events and with both working in schools.

Lee had something in mind and wanted something clean, sharp and graphical. The new look very much ‘cuts to the chase’ and (like Ronseal) does what it says on the tin.

“I was slightly anxious when we were asked to do this job. Lee’s also a mate, he’s got a good eye, a designer head on him, (his slides are pretty good too!), so we had to go the extra mile to exceed his expectations. The secret to success here is sometimes not in the idea but in the execution. I was over the moon and relieved when Lee said he loved the new look. This is an important stage in Lee’s career and had to be spot on, even more so now as Lee announced he is to be the next national president of the PSA in Autumn 2016. Wow! Good timing indeed.” – Paul Kerfoot, Bulletpoint

“Bulletpoint is a great company who ask you creative questions to get to the heart of the matter and get the best results for your branding. Great lads with a down to earth approach make them the guys for the job. Book them now!” – Lee Jackson


Please click here to see the full range of Lee’s new look (PDF file).

Great branding inspires confidence. Can we help you speak more, speak better?

Bulletpoint have also helped motivational speakers Steve McDermott, John Hotowka and Nigel Vardy (AKA Mr Frostbite) create new brand identities. Any speakers looking to develop their image, brand and content to the next level should call Paul on 07785 777829 or email