Nigel Vardy re-brands as Mr Frostbite

Nigel Vardy re-brands as Mr Frostbite

One mountaineer. One harsh environment. One shocking story.

Mr Frostbite - Nigel Vardy

Nigel Vardy – a record breaking frostbitten mountaineer, author and inspirational speaker – has been re-branded with a new name and look from Bulletpoint Design, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK. Meet Mr Frostbite™ and Frostbitten.

The purpose of the project was to:
• Attract visitors and raise Nigel’s profile
• Clarify and communicate the offer – in words and pictures
• Stand out from the crowd (the competition)
• Highlight Nigel’s uniqueness (frostbitten) and tell/sell his shocking story
• Be attractive to a wider audience and help increase speaker bookings

Here’s how we did it…

Project: Image makeover, branding, new name/logo, imagery, copywriting assistance and a professional WordPress solution. First: Two new logos (one for the re-brand and one for the website) help compliment a unique, personal brand identity…frostbite-logos• The ‘r’ in both logos above symbolizes specially adapted ice picks that Nigel has modified as an engineer and now uses as a frostbitten mountaineer.


• Below: 3 screenshots from Nigel’s previous website, prior to the re-brand…and have now gone Into Thin Air!




• Below: the new look website…a professional WordPress solution.


For more professional WordPress solutions from Bulletpoint please click the link.

Next, the design and print of some new ‘Brilliant business cards’ (always use the reverse) to help sell and reflect the new look. Bulletpoint also helped out with the copywriting on the cards and the new website. (A ghostwriter was briefed to help Nigel on a couple of the first blogs.)

“Who are you and what do you do?”

Amazingly, 7 out of 10 business cards fail to answer this simple question and are often the result of: ineffective design, poor communication, not being memorable and confusion of offer where no or low quality follow ups means many businesses are missing out on new business.

frostbite-businesscardsShown above: Top cards BEFORE – Into Thin Air Productions – previous business card. And AFTER – Mr Frostbite – new, brilliant business card.
Please click (above) to enlarge and compare the difference – poles apart!


• One happy and patriotic client: Mr Frostbite with Union Jack – Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan (Autumn 2011).

Words plus pictures equals communication

The best bit off the job – apart from and URLs both been available, was re-writing the sales and marketing copy for the website, as follows:

A record breaking frostbitten mountaineer, author and inspirational speaker.

In 1999 Nigel Vardy suffered severe frostbite in temperatures of -60°C on Mount McKinley in Alaska. It cost him his fingers, his nose and all of his toes. An inspiring tale of resilience, recovery and adversity against the odds, Nigel’s injuries haven’t stopped him rising to life’s daily challenges and going on to climb some of the world’s toughest and most challenging mountains.

As the only Briton to climb the tallest peaks on the world’s seven largest islands, Nigel has written two books about his expeditions: ‘Once Bitten’ and ‘Seven Peaks – Seven Islands.’

A Derbyshire lad and a proud engineer by trade, Nigel speaks from the heart, to corporates and in education, about his chilling journey. Mr Frostbite will take your breath away – a powerful, emotional, mind blowing tale that is guaranteed to inspire and motivate any audience.

Book Nigel to speak at your next event and get ready for a big dose of reality!

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