No woolly designs for Wooltops

No woolly designs for Wooltops


Northbank Wool required a fresh and distinct brand for their new trading name, Wooltops.

Suppliers of wool products, for a broad range of contemporary industries and uses including creative spinners, dyers, felters and fibre artists, the Wooltops image needed to be vibrant and modern to appeal to new design and quality focussed customers.


Logo versions, with the ‘wool ball’ available to both left and right of the lettering, to allow for flexibility in future use.

The final logo for Wooltops, an unwinding ball of multicoloured wool, forms the through-line for the brand. Zooming into a section of the wool ball forms a ‘landscape’ suggestive of colourful fields over rolling hills.


Swing ticket.


Sample box net.


Website design for, including copywriting for straplines and introductory paragraph for the home page.