One man band to powerful brand

One man band to powerful brand

Viva Gas – Plumbing and Heating.

vivagasvan3Richard from Viva Gas (big grin on face) was proudly pointing across the road at his newly sign written van.

“I don’t feel like a sole trader any more…I look and feel like a business.”
Richard Firth, owner, Viva Gas

Passionate about branding and helping SMEs grow and survive in challenging times, Paul Kerfoot, Creative MD of Bulletpoint Design recalls this comment with fond memories: “It’s rare occasions like this that remind you of WHY you do WHAT you do. You know…helping people. The thing (as a designer) that motivates you to get out of bed every Monday morning…”

Bulletpoint sell confidence

In the design industry it’s not all about nice logos, memorable branding and creative marketing. Yes, first impressions DO count, yet it’s often your beliefs and self esteem that will help drive your business forward. If you could bottle this up, the ‘hidden sell’ at Bulletpoint is: We sell CONFIDENCE.


Evolution not revolution

Richard, a man of exacting standards (no bad quality in a plumber), required a fresh look for his plumbing and heating business, partly as he had recently changed the company name from AVIVA to VIVA GAS. (This has also recently been protected and trade marked.) However, as an established business and with a new website mid-build, Richard did not want to completely change his old look for his new image. With this in mind we kept it simple and changed the typography and suggested that gas flames were better represented as cold not warm colours. Paul said the old Aviva look made him think of a house on fire or that it was some kind of health and safety company? However, we later realised we needed the Viva Gas flame to be distinct from that of British Gas…not such a bad thing, what we ended up with was something that works. The trade sometimes refer to this ‘association’ as ‘piggy backing.’
vivagas2• (Above) Logo variations.

Double your impact with a simple twist!

The logo was then worked up on a brilliant business card – a business card with a twist (using the reverse) – where many SMEs overlook double-sided printing and assume everyone will remember what you do weeks (or months) AFTER you have met them!? “Make sure people remember you, keep your card and don’t forget YOU or what you do!”vivagas3Below: New flyer and promotional offer (Feb 2011) to promote Viva Gas’s winter campaign – this will also run in late Autumn/Winter 2011 as a targeted leaflet drop. Here, Paul and Chris rewrote the copy – Paul points out this is not copy it’s SALES copy – working over the client’s copy platform. The aim? To be more customer and benefits focused as well as conceive the idea of the ‘thinking man’s boiler’ with suitably strong imagery – a nice touch? (One that will also appeal to the ladies!) Not forgetting the close, the call to action at the end, and the reason so many marketing offers FAIL to get any type of response at all.

vivagas4Double sided A5 flyer (please click to enlarge).


• Shop frontage mock-up design – again noting the KIS approach – Keep It Simple, be bold and avoid the clutter!

A small change to make a big difference

Bulletpoint’s suggestions for subtle, but impactful, changes to the ongoing development of Viva Gas’s web site have also been implemented (by a third party). These included enlarging the contact details and moving them closer to the logo, positioning the quote request feature together with the other contact details, displaying the ‘Gas Safe’ and ‘Energy Saving’ logos prominently near the top of the page, revising and simplifying the leading text headlines and making more of the testimonials panel on the right hand side by including photos.


vivagas7• New van livery: “I don’t feel like a sole trader any more…I look and feel like a business.”

Job done. One happy design company and one very happy, challenging (and appreciative) client we won’t ever forget.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Please click here to download Richard’s thank you letter and client testimonial (Adobe Acrobat PDF files).