Squarefoot Investments - banners, vehicle livery and signage

Squarefoot Investments – banners, vehicle livery and signage


A5 4pp Clients Info part1

• Outdoor media banner and Twist™ banner stand: Feet on the ground and (red) legs up in the air!

“Watching passers by looking up at the red legs banner (on the scaffolding) and thinking ‘what the hell?’ was exactly the reaction we were looking for.” Meanwhile, other developers resort to showing cool looking chicks in sunglasses or the usual interior design shot combined with ‘luxury flats’ message. Hmmm…


• Mani’s Mini. Vehicle livery. Digital artwork by designer Gareth Stubbs.

Thankfully we had a sharp client who was willing to invest in good design and branding, asking Bulletpoint to design the Mini and (later) his sign man to just put the stickers on. Good call Mani, good job Gareth!

Thought: Now as an ageing graphic designer myself, this is what still gets me out of bed every morning. I love it. This whole design case study makes MY socks go up and down!

Bulletblog1852009/10: Shop front design and interior design/brand enhancements (below).

Bite the bullet

“Mani bit the bullet. He was not frightened of taking risks, moving into new property when the market was in decline, at a time houses weren’t selling and apartment sales were slow to struggling. (A brave move that seems to have paid off.) He was also not frightened of spending money in the RIGHT places, like signage, in this case going for the most expensive production option.” An agreed, fixed fee with ‘brand guardians’ Bulletpoint to do the DESIGN and artwork – not the architects or the sign company – was another good call, another good investment in standing out.