Taber Holidays redesign - Scandinavian style

Taber Holidays redesign – Scandinavian style

Still the tailor-made holiday specialist for Scandinavia. And still one of our favourite clients. (We’ve known them for quite a while now!)

Still the tailor-made holiday specialist for Scandinavia. And still one of our favourite clients. (We’ve known them for quite a while now!)

In these challenging times of ever reducing marketing budgets many clients, understandably, consider doing more for themselves in-house – producing leaflets and brochures using software such as Microsoft Publisher. The risk, however, is that over time you may weaken your brand and be putting out material that lacks the professional quality of your competitors – ultimately reducing your market share and damaging sales.

Aware of these issues and with new competitors on the market, Suzel (Taber’s always fun and always upbeat MD) recognised that it would now be prudent to consider professionally redesigning their holiday brochures – bringing them up-to-date, de-cluttering the layouts and making it easier for customers to find important facts.


Pioneering Bulletpoint’s new CDTP offer – that’s Collaborative Desktop Publishing – Suzel was able to work alongside our expert designers on the page layouts, albeit remotely from the comfort of her own offices! This unique approach, utilising Google Drive and Adobe InDesign, streamlines the drafting process and enables clients to edit text and drop photos directly into layouts to create the look they want – comfortable in the knowledge that experienced designers will be following behind them invisibly tidying up as they go. Any misfitting or badly scaled images can be corrected and typography tweaked to ensure text fits in. Thereby minimising the challenge of learning new software (although many would argue that InDesign is far more user friendly than Publisher) and ensuring that a safe pair of hands is readily available to help guide and advise when needed. And of course we will always be looking for ways to further improve the design and add those creative touches that a client rightly expects from a professional design agency.

Client Testimonial

“Bulletpoint designed a brochure template and proposed an innovative online solution where we both worked on the layouts at the same time. Taber now has a professionally produced brochure done at a third of the cost and with much greater convenience and flexibility during the work process.”
– Suzel Taber-Shaw, Taber Holidays

Taber2015MeetTheTeamTaber2015Hardanger Taber2015Reykjavik


(Below) Repeat pattern used throughout the brochure – inspired by nordic folk art and textiles.



(Below) Moving beyond this initial brief led to a simplification of the Taber Holidays logo with a clean sans-serif font and a tweak to the colour (slightly more magenta) as well as a new approach to their advertisements.




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