Taber Holidays

The tailor-made holiday specialist for Scandinavia.

A5 4pp Clients Info part1The Taber-Shaw family remains one of Bulletman’s favourite clients. Why? Because we have worked intimately as a team for almost 10 years, Suzel is fun to work with, (is a hero!), has trusted our judgement and has taken advice on all design matters.

From character development and holiday brochure production to the development of the website, it’s been a tough few years for Taber and the whole travel industry, where many specialist tour operators have ‘shut shop’ and the survivors have had to learn to adapt. Bulletpoint has virtually become part of the Taber set up, where every creative and related budgetary decision is always treated like our joint livelihoods depend upon it.

Paul comments, “return on your investment is often hard to measure. This project for me has always been about survival first, great design, then growth.”


A5 4pp Clients Info part1




A5 4pp Clients Info part1