The Biodegradable Bag Company

The Biodegradable Bag Company

Packaging for the next generation and a greener planet.


The Biodegradable Bag Company: We need a leaflet to help explain and communicate our products and offer – biodegradable, compostable and recycled packaging.

Bulletpoint Design: To produce an educational, sales and promotional leaflet in one to help both increase and reinforce marketing activity. Includes: Improved visual imagery, graphics/images/diagrams, content creation and creative/sales copy.

The goal behind the main illustration (above) was to find a simple, easy-to-understand, visual solution to get across the key benefits and features. What was interesting is that it took around 20 minutes for this to be explained to me in a way that I understand it, yet looking at the image above, now takes less than a minute! The difference between a crinkly (polythene) bag and what The Biodegradable Bag Company had on offer…

Kickstart1Kickstart Bradford: Client feedback – 100%


• A5 leaflet.

Please click here to see all the words and pictures and download a copy of The Biodegradable Bag Company’s A5 leaflet.

Or click here for an A4 design case study. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file).