The magnificent 7 – making the invisible visible

The magnificent 7 – making the invisible visible

Bradford Chamber – open for business.


A design project to make the invisible visible, Bradford Chamber chose Bulletpoint to create a brand with wow factor (2006). The image makeover included; revealing the Chamber’s ‘hidden’ services, a new strapline ‘open for business’, plus the production and development of new launch material.

Bulletpoint Design objectives: change perceptions, reveal core services, highlight membership benefits, improve morale, alter behaviour and increase sales 24/7.

“The project’s success was due to the involvement of staff from the beginning – Paul’s ‘brand not bland’ brainstorming session combined with troubleshooting!” Sandy Needham – Chief Executive.


• Logo for Bradford Chamber of Commerce & Industry (2006).


The magnificent 7

Bradford Chamber logo, branding and the magnificent 7: information, services, events, advice, training, international and lobbying. ‘Open for business’ – with the tools and flexibility of a Swiss army knife.

• Click the above image to enlarge. Alternatively and even better, please click the short movie below to view the animated logo. This will ‘open’ the rooms of the chamber, revealing ‘the tools’ and those (previously hidden) core services…


• Design effectiveness demonstrated on personalised business cards and letterhead – where the words are MORE important than the pictures…


“Before we had even used the new stationery, Bulletpoint’s copy and layout suggestions helped us double our recruitment response rates.” Iain MacDonald (2006).

• To see the words and business transformation – plus how to DOUBLE your response rates – please click the letterheads image above to enlarge AND reveal how it was done!


• Launch event. Twist™ display system – the magnificent 7 – making the invisible visible.
Click the image below to enlarge.

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Well, that’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed ‘the reveal’ as much as I did AND that these creative thoughts and ideas will soon benefit you in your business!

Please click here for an A4 design case study. (Adobe Acrobat PDF files).