Think unprofessional – think Bodgeprint

Think unprofessional – think Bodgeprint

Bulletprint Products – memorable mugs (Royal Mailer).


Charles and Camilla. To commemorate The Royal Wedding – Windsor, Friday 8th April 2005.

A few days earlier: Overhearing an unusual conversation with a merchandise supplier, thousands of mugs were heading for the skip with the postponement of the Royal Wedding. Charles and Camilla’s arranged wedding date falling on the same day as the funeral of the Pope!

‘A proper charlie’ or a great marketing opportunity?

Bulletpoint Design: Memorable mugs mailer for Bulletprint Products (2005). What started out as a bit of fun has been described as the most effective mailer ever seen.


‘Bodgeprint’ was Bulletprint’s nemesis, their alternate Universe and the complete opposite of what they were all about. (Doing stuff right, not doing it all wrong.) For the full effect, please click to enlarge the image of the letterhead – a right, good read, even with a coffee stain.

In designing this mailer, Paul Kerfoot had some fun writing it, yet the funniest bit was still to come. HOW we got the letterhead into the packaging. (It didn’t fit neatly).

Jason Buttree* stuck the letterhead inside the mug (full of typos I may add) and, seeing that it stuck-out at the top, said; “We have got a problem lads, it doesn’t fit!?”

Paul went over, had a think and literally squashed it in so it was all screwed up in the foam packing. He shouts; “Bolox to it, we’re BODGEprint!!”

No mug?

Whilst Gareth Stubbs** was busy adding real coffee stains, (Paul had earlier rejected one attempt done in Photoshop), Jason looked online and found a few of these ‘novelty mugs’ (with the WRONG date on them) appearing on eBay, and one bid had already reached 70 pounds! Paul pauses for thought: What we have just sent out (and cost us a pound each) will in time, become a valuable, collector’s item. “We have just potentially given away thousands of pounds of mugs!” Luckily we all saw the funny side to it whilst reveling in our glory.

To: Charles and Camilla.

To commemorate the (re-scheduled) Royal Wedding – Windsor, Saturday 9th April 2005.


For more information: Please click here to download an A4 design case study sheet (Adobe Acrobat PDF file).

Bulletprint products is a trading division of Bulletpoint Design.

*Jason Buttree (manager 2004-6) left Bulletprint on friendly terms to pursue a career in sales and print management with UYR, Leeds (2006).

**Gareth Stubbs (designer/artworker) was transferred to Bulletpoint Design (2006-10). Gareth left with our best wishes to follow his girlfriend and baby son (Brody) to Melbourne, Australia (Jan 2010).