Kickstart promotes wheelie good design!

Jay Innovations – Wheelie Bin Buddy.


Bulletpoint Design: Wheelie Bin Buddy™ – sticker (above), logo/graphics, branding, leaflet design and sales copywriting.

Take two entrepreneurs (Jay Innovations), a unique invention and a plain canvas. “We started from just a product prototype and needed to give this job a dynamic DIY store treatment.”

Kickstart1Bradford Kickstart Professional Services: Client satisfaction feedback – 100%

“We chose Paul from Bulletpoint as he was keen, passionate and had a real sense of understanding how to promote and explain the product’s many benefits and features. Not only was he fully committed from the start, he also shared our excitement.” Jamal.


• Logo design based on the unique, clamping feature design of a unique product.


• Leaflet design and sales copywriting – a professional DIY job.

Please click here to download a copy of the Wheelie Bin Buddy A5 leaflet. Or click here for an A4 design case study. (Adobe Acrobat PDF files).